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Top 7 Amazing things to do after Rooting Android Phone

Things to Do After Rooting Android phone

As You are reading this article I can assume that you are just Rooting your Android smartphone and want to know about what Things to Do After Rooting Android phone.

If your Android Device is rooted properly then simply follow below procedure, for know more about which cool things you can do after rooting your android phone.

When we talk about customization, no any mobile OS can beat Android in this field. Android gives you some interesting options to customize your device according to your needs. You can change launcher, dialer, messaging app etc.

What is rooting ?

First of all we need to know about what is rooting cause many users don’t know anything about Rooting. So let me clear, Rooting Android Phone is a way to open new world of Customization Experimental things, which you can do with your android phone.

things to do after Rooting Android Phone

When you are using any Android device. Most of the times the manufacturers locks your Android device. So the users don’t install any wrong application which is having bloatware, virus or key-loggers. That’s why they lock Bootloader, When you root your Android device, you just unblock that security by rooting your Android device.

Things to Do After Rooting Android phone

Most of the times people doesn’t know about rooting if you are one of them then I will explaining you about what actually the rooting is and what applications you can try after rooting your Android device. Isn’t it quite an amazing ?

things to do after Rooting Android Phone

you can do various cool things with your rooted android device, which i can’t explain in one line, so i have created this post.

Warning :-

Rooting your Android Phone May Void Warranty.

Top 7 Things to Do After Rooting Android Phone

1:-  Change IMEI Number of Android 

Do you know ? you can change IMEI Number of your Android Smartphone ? Yes, IMEl numbers can be easily changed by some apps. For doing this you need to have rooted your Andriod and Then you need to Install two app, first “Xposed Framework” then “Xposed IMEI Changer” which is one of the Xposed Module The.

Things to Do After Rooting Android phone

The purpose of changing device ID is make fool some apps cause Many of the applications use Android ID. To check that this application is used on specific Android device. Every Android device is having different Android id.

2 :- Increase Ram in Android Phone

Every User wants to Increase RAM in their Android Smartphones. Number of Apps Installed in your device eating Full Ram of your Android Device ? You can Use Roehsoft Ram expander App, For Increasing Ram of your Device. In Actual, This app will increase swapping memory of your android device, which will act as RAM, so definitely your device Performance will increase for sure.

Things to Do After Rooting Android phone

If you love to Play Heavy Games and Multitasking, then you can Increase Swapping memory of your android device with below guide.

3 :- Kill WiFi Connection of Others

Things to Do After Rooting Android phone

If You are using WiFi in your Device, and Some other devices are also connected to Same WiFi, then you can kill WiFi Connection of their Device, and you will be able to Enjoy High Speed Data Speed, but WiFi Connection in other devices will not work, they will be start getting error of Connected, No Internet etc.

4 :- Change Boot Animation

Customizing Android phone is very common these days. First Thing every person do in their Android Phone is Customization.

Things to Do After Rooting Android phone

There are many ways, in which you can Customize your Phone. For Changing Boot animation, you need boot animations or Apps, which can provide you boot animations and flash in your Device. Every time when you turn on your android phone, you will see a new animation while booting your phone as you set as boot animation.

5 :- Block websites of Your Choice

If you are addicted to any site or do’nt want some sites are opening in your phone and you want to block that site from your android phone, then you can use this trick for block Sites of your choice from your Android Device. Blocking Websites in Android is one of the best things to do with android after rooting.

Things to Do After Rooting Android phone

You can block any specific website with some web blocker apps. you can download a application name – Mobile Security & Antivirus from Trend Micro for block any website.

6 :- Play HD Games

Yes, No matter which handset you are using, when you root your device, there are many advantages and things to do with your phone and one of them is enjoy HD and heavy games on your Android device, even if it low end smartphone. By rooting you can play some heavy games on your android smartphone even if your phone did not support them before you rooted it. Just a few tweaks and that heavy game which did not run first, would run smoothly on the device. You can play very high Graphics games like GTA vice city, Fifa, asphalt, GTA San Andreas etc.

7 :- Install Dolby Atmos and improve Audio Quality

For Get more Quality Audio from your Android device, you can install Dolby Atmos in your Phone. If you Fed up with low quality sound from your Android ? Don’t Worry, Dolby Atmos is here.

Just Flash This Dolby Atmos in your Android Phone from Custom Recovery, and you will get a new Audio Enhancement feature in your Android Phone. So you can change audio quality/bass etc. So it will surely increase audio quality in your android device.

Conclusion :-

So there were some basic things, which you can do after rooting your Android Phone. There are many great things you can do with your Rooted Android Phone, but these was some super cool things, which you can do in your device if it’s rooted. If you have any other great thing, then simply comment below.




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